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Document Reproduction Services (DRS)


Book deterioration is an epidemic in libraries. It is an on-going problem because most 19th century and early 20th century books in libraries are printed on acidic papers. Over time, the cellulose fibers break down, resulting in brittle, cracked pages which make the volume unusable.

In the past, libraries had two options. They could either buy a commercial reprint, if they were available, or buy replacement copies from an out-of-print dealer.  Neither choice solved the problem.  They only served as stopgap measures because eventually the replacement volumes themselves would become brittle and deteriorate.

Etherington Conservation Services offers real solutions through its Document Reproduction Services.  With the ability to create both paper and digital reproductions of  documents.  Creating a duplicate of the brittle original and binding the copy following library standards, or creating a digital copy of the document.   Although some flaws from the original may transfer to these new copies, advanced photocopying methods remove most of the yellowing, cracking, foxing and crumbled edges seen in the original pages.

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