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About ECS

Under the leadership of Don Etherington, one of the world's finest conservators and hand bookbinders, high quality treatments are available for books, documents and art on paper for large-scale projects or single items.


Paper Conservation for Books, Manuscripts, Maps and Art on Paper

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Deacidification/Alkalization, Re-sizing, Mending/Lining, Reducing stains or foxing, Washing, Removal of linen backing or acidic mounts, Cleaning varnished wall maps, Inpainting, Encapsulation

Vellum or Parchment Artifacts

Relaxation, Mending, Rebinding, Repair or replication of both stiff- and limp-style binding, Preparation for display using specifically designed mats and framing, Specialized enclosures

Conservation Options

Resewing, Guarding, Mending leaves with heat-set tissue or Japanese paper, Stamped paper label, Laser-printed paper label, Leather label, Call number

Options for Rebinding

* Style A:  Rebinding in starch-filled buckram or linen cloth with stamping in black, white or gold foil directly on the spine.
* Style B:  Rebinding in starch-filled buckram spine with coordinating marbled-paper sides with stamping in black, white or gold foil directly on the spine

Options for Restoring Original Bindings and Broken Hinges
Restore original case bindings, Restore original leather bindings, Repair broken hinges with Japanese paper


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