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Consultations with an ECS Conservator

Treatment Proposals

Bringing Your Objects to ECS


Clients are welcome to make an appointment with a conservator to examine objects for conservation.  We will thoroughly evaluate your item, discuss your goals for its preservation and suggest appropriate treatment options.

¨      There is no charge for this consultation meeting.

¨      If a formal treatment proposal is drawn up and the client does not wish to pursue treatment at that time, a $75 administrative fee is applicable.

¨      All written estimates are valid for one year.

¨      If the client approves the treatment proposal within the first year, the $75 fee will be applied towards the total cost of conservation.

Items can also be shipped to ECS for evaluation.  After determining appropriate treatment, we will be in contact to discuss treatment and related costs.  A written description of the suggested treatment and costs will usually be provided.

¨      No work will be done until the client has approved the treatment proposal.


Shipping Objects to ECS for Evaluation:

 Shipping objects to ECS for Evaluation:

If you are unable to personally deliver your objects to ECS,  most objects can safely be shipped to our facility if carefully packaged.

Books and items similar in size should first be carefully wrapped in smooth, ideally acid-free, paper follow by a layer of bubble-wrap and lightly taped.  These bundles are arranged in the center of a sturdy box, lined with bubble-wrap.  The space between the books and the inside of the box is filled with additional bubble-wrap or crumbled paper. 

¨      Please avoid the use of Styrofoam packing peanuts. 

¨      The box should be well taped with packing tape, including the box’s bottom.

¨      Large family Bibles should have at least two layers of large sized bubble-wrap.

Framed prints, artwork and documents should have at least two-layers of bubble-wrap for cushioning.

¨      If the object is framed with glass, you should criss-cross the glass with several strips of paper-based masking tape.  This will help secure the glass should it become broken during shipping and limit the damage broken glass can do the paper object.  However, do not apply the masking tape to the frame, only to the glass. 

¨      Unframed paper documents should first be placed in an acid-free paper folder or wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, then placed between sheets of corrugated cardboard or mat board; seal the edges of the board with tape. 

¨      The wrapped bundle should then be placed in a sturdy box and padded; or further layers of board can be placed around the bundle to build up a substantial package.

Please include:

¨      your name, address, telephone number and email so that we may contact you;

¨      any specific instructions or questions that you may have.

If you are unsure how to pack your object or have concerns about shipping, please call us at (877) 391-1317 for assistance

Print ECS’s address & your return address clearly on the outside of the package.

Address the package to:

Etherington Conservation Services

7609 Business Park Drive

Greensboro, NC 27409

Telephone: 336-665-1317 or toll free 877-391-1317
FAX: 336-665-1319
Postal address: 7609 Business Park Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409