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Pamphlet Enclosures

The Etherington Conservation Services designed this binder for storing very small or thin books and pamphlets.  Rather than sewing or gluing the item into a prepared binder, the Conservation Pamphlet Binder offers a customized, acid-free four-flap folder to accommodate the individual item.  This folder is mounted inside a standard sized cloth-covered case.  The cases are available in a choice of 24 colors.

The size for the customized folder can be supplied by the customer (without the need to send the actual material) or the item can be sent to Etherington Conservation Services to be measured by our staff. The title is stamped in black, white or gold foil on the spine or a laser-printed paper label can be used
The standard binder has 1/4 " spine thickness and is available in sizes:
9" x 7", 10" x 8", 12" x 9" or can be custom sized by request.
Multi-media portfolios with a plastizote insert are also available in similar sizes. These can be fabricated to accommodate library materials which include audio cassettes, compact discs, video tapes &c.

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