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Preservation Photocopying

Document Reproduction Services will help you keep volumes in circulation by providing reproduction copies that are inexpensive, archivally sound and easy to maintain. Any volume with text area of less than 35" by 23"  inches can be duplicated.


We begin by assessing the original volume or document - counting pages, noting color plates and fold-outs, and measuring the overall size of the volume. We handle each fold-out and plate according to your instructions and often make color copies for maps and color plates.  After photocopying, each book is examined and collated.   Photocopied fold-outs are assembled exactly as they appeared in the original volume. The volumes are inspected again after they are bound.


We photocopy on an opaque paper of appropriate weight which meets the International Organization for Standardization (IOS) ISO 14416  (2003)  for printed library materials. This paper has a pH of 8.4 and a 2.4 percent calcium carbonate reserve. Depending on the size of the volume, the photocopied pages are bound using the double-fan adhesive method or over-sewing. They are then covered in linen-finish buckram or C-cloth.


We guarantee the clarity, pagination, and registration of the pages copied from disbound volumes, matching or exceeding the quality of the original.


Telephone: 336-665-1317 or toll free 877-391-1317
FAX: 336-665-1319
Postal address: 7609 Business Park Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409