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Michael K. Lee
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The HF Group

The Staff of ECS

Etherington Conservation Services was originally established in 1987 as the Conservation Division of Information Conservation, Inc. (ICI). Over 14 years, the business expanded from three persons to a complement of twenty-eight—six highly experienced Conservators, five Assistant Conservators and seventeen Technicians. At the beginning of 1997, the name was changed to Etherington Conservation Center (ECC) to reflect more accurately the type and level of work conducted at the center. In 2001, Don Etherington purchased ECC from ICI and was the sole owner.  In 2005 the now Etherington Conservation Services (ECS) has reunited with Information Conservation, Inc.  ECS has a national and international reputation for highly complex treatment capabilities illustrated by very high profile documents treated by the Center such as The Constitution of Puerto Rico, The Virginia Bill of Rights, the Carolina Charter and the Lear Foundation’s copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Ø Donald Etherington • President, Etherington Conservation Services

Ø Michael K. Lee • Director of Conservation, Head Paper & Photograph Conservator

Ø Linda A. Hawke • Office Administrator ecs@etheringtoncs.com



Ø Brenda Parsons • Senior Conservator-Rare Books and Paper

Ø Sally P. Key • Senior Conservator-Rare Books

Ø Matthew Johnson • Associate Conservator-Rare Books

Ø Kristin Sherwood • Associate Conservator-Rare Books

Ø Georgia Hubbard Assistant Conservator-Collection Maintenance Archival Material

Ø Tina M. Brantley Assistant Conservator-Rare Books

Ø Bryan L. W. Draper Assistant Conservator-Rare Books

Ø Valissa Allhusen • Senior Technician

Ø Adrienne Bell Technician

Ø Dan Boulden Technician

Ø Beatriz Gutierrez Technician

Ø David Kime Technician

Ø Erin E. Mcgovern Technician

Ø George Tsalikis Technician

Ø Heather Walker Technician

Ø Gerald Ward Technician

Ø Rachel Winstead Technician



Ø Leslie Courtois • Senior Conservator-Paper (Library of Virginia)

Ø Corinne Dune • Associate Conservator-Photographs and Paper

Ø Grace E. White Assistant Conservator-Fine Art on Paper

Ø Tahe Zalal Assistant Conservator-Fine Art on Paper

Ø Marc Bernstein Technician

Ø Chad Edwards Technician (Library of Virginia)



Ø Jean Williams • Supervisor, Document Reproduction Services

Ø Dan Boulden Digital Preservation & Restoration, Web Manager techsupport@donetherington.com

Ø Galen Allhusen   Technician

Ø Stacy Warden   Technician



Ø Adrienne Bell • Field Services Representative

Ø Tina M. Brantley • Field Services Representative


Telephone: 336-665-1317 or toll free 877-391-1317
FAX: 336-665-1319
Postal address: 7609 Business Park Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409