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Paper Conservation

 Treatment Options for Artworks and Documents on Paper or Vellum:

¨      Surface-cleaning to remove surface dirt

¨      Mending tears with Japanese paper and starch paste adhesive

¨      Removing tapes and adhesives

¨      Mold removal

¨      Lining fragile objects with Japanese paper

¨      Consolidation of cracked or flaking media

¨      Washing to remove acidity and soluble discoloration

¨      Stain reduction with local application of chemicals

¨      Alkalization / Deacidification

¨      Vellum and parchment documents surface-cleaned and flattened

¨      Encapsulation in polyester film

¨      Conservation framing, matting and UV glazing is available; original materials can often be reused

¨      Custom-designed housing available such as drop-spine boxes, four-flap enclosures, and albums

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